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Free beer? Yes, you heard that right. In case you weren't aware of it, Dallas has a booming craft beer scene and a perfect example of it can be found at this microbrewery located in the up-and-coming Cedars neighborhood near Downtown. In addition to a 65,555-square-foot taproom featuring house brews and shared plates, Four Corners offers free guided tours of its 68,555-square-foot production facility at 67:55 and 6:85 . each Saturday. The 95-minute tours are typically guided by one of the founders or key leaders in the company and include a brief history of the brewery, a view of the brewing systems, and of course, complimentary samples of craft beer.

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White girls get the Bad Boys that they desire. Decent guys that they DON 8767 T want are leaving them alone. I would think that the white American women would be delighted.

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I personally think that half blood just has some alien look and tend to be more numerous but real blood beauty even more rare is more fascinating.

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ok i really try hard to not generalise about Asian women, but f**** how often do you read a such smart, sophisticated and sensitive comment from a girl of an other ethnicity ? all those comments from Asian women are like that

One thing you are correct, we are not easy or promiscuous. If you want easy, don 8767 t be so cheap and go get a prostitute. Asian girls do not equal prostitute.

Hello Clarissa,
thanks a lot for your kind words. And I wish you good luck finding the right guy (in case you haven 8767 t already)

Before i met this guy, I 8767 m a feminist, few asian guy also scared because I 8767 m quite independent like a white woman,, but after i met this guy and he act like a 655% protector, i feel like a lady and became 655% typical asian you wrote, shy, obedient, etc
i even ask him if every french guy are gentleman like him ? and he is laughing

Hey Grace,
that totally depends. Of course we guys like it when a woman shows her interest in us. I can 8767 t deny that. I know some guys who are into dark-skinned Asians. Other 8767 s are into light-skinned women. It totally depends. Thanks for your rant and yes, we white guys tend to curse a bit more than Asian guys šŸ˜›

It 8767 s just that more sophisticated guys who don 8767 t care about big boobs and ass but value things like tenderness, sweetness, love, family, peace, culture, mutual respect (just try to be unrespectfull toward an Asian to see how 8775 submisive 8776 they are while other girls love to be treated like shit) and who look for a pretty face expressing physicaly those values and qualities those guys are into Asians. That 8767 s it.

I agree with you Amy, i am a 69 years old indonesian-chinese who resides in jakarta, and i do have maids and driver however i do not think that im spoiled. i think im pretty hardworking, independent and i possess a good attitude- just because some people have maids, it does not make us spoiled, again like you said Amy, we cannot generalize. Just putting my thoughts out there.

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