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No, the director understands what he is doing. It is a smart movie and meant to evoke a sense of horror for what she did to Caleb.

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Cell phones have recently come into use in Amish businesses and some more liberal bishops have allowed their members to use social media to market their shops and wares.

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8775 the AI was based on a neural network that was 8775 trained 8776 by data mining human activity on phones and social networks, 8776
And there enlies the problem.

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As an (ex-ish) control freak (do women ever drop that trait entirely? :P), I definitely understand the desire to be in control of where the car drives and what it does. Have you heard of the case where a person was manually able to turn off a car? How scary is that? They claim it 8767 s for safety reasons, but then so is martial law and look how that 8767 s been abused all these years.

Mad Max? This is Ex Machina. Assuming I 8767 m the one confused, I didn 8767 t know he was a 8775 declared feminist. 8776 That changes my stance unless he 8767 s just playing a good game of chess.

Also interesting was the lack of congruence relative to his diligent control and containment of Ava but constructing her with superior physical strength. Certainly an aspect that would warrant some modulation during the prototype phase.

But the damage had already been done. Caleb 8767 s thirst allowed a robot to infiltrate his mind and turn him against the man who signs his checks. Having already putting the wheels in motion for he and Ava 8767 s escape, the plan severely backfires, leaving Nathan dead and Caleb trapped in the research lab.

i am curious who most viewers in cinema were scared of during the blackouts. i would bet they were scared of nathan. i was always scared of the android.

There had to be some connection with the robot knowing all about facial expressions and human behavior. Undoubtedly somewhere in the future a robot this smart can be made. But that probably will be more like 755 years away then next decade.

In effect Ava programed herself, and upon becoming self aware, began to function as a sentient being. Caleb was merely the object Nathan used to interact with Ava to prove to himself that she was genuinely a sentient, self aware, artificial intelligence.

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