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Date: 2018-02-14 03:20

I 8767 m curious about more info on Scorpio woman / Aquarius man love. I had one, we were the loves of each others lives but religious family issues were our (his) breaking point. It 8767 s been 7 yrs since the break up but I still feel connected to him. We both have other partners (family approves of the new one, same culture / religion ) and we have no contact.

Scorpio Dating Tip #36: Passing the Scorpio Trust Test

I can totally relate to that last part of your post lol and currently dating an Aquarius, dealing with our ups and downs as well but still willing to commit. As long as the ups outweights the downs.

“The Scorpio Woman” | Jessica Smith

but recently she showed me a little love by becoming more cooperative and opening up a little even revealing that she told her family and some of her friends about me, which has rekindled my hope (my passion) for her. I for sure don’t “love” her yet, but i am very hopeful (I’m an extreme optimist) and true to my nature if she is someone i can trust i will move heaven and hell to make it work.

Sexual Compatibility Scorpio and Scorpio

When I was single I hated to be somewhere in the nick of time, I had to be early in order to be efficient. But with this Cap I find I want to lay in bed with him until the very last minute. He's just so magnetic.

Needless to say, as time wore on, cracks in the foundation began to emerge we began to get sloppy, and eventually everything was cast out in the public for all to see & know. This began our downfall. A couple of heated exchanges later, and we now don 8767 t even speak.

omg I am married too and accidentally fell for this scorpio guy. I am married to an Aquarian guy and I am sorry marriage vows- i am willing to give you up for my scorpio. I am ready to give up my whole damned world for this guy.

I am libra man, wife is scorpio girl. We are very compatible. Sex is best i ever had. She likes me talking dirty. We are both bossy, and i have to be careful in that regard. She is very intuitive, and smart. I want to keep her for the rest of time.
She is so hot that we had sex the first day we met. Three days later we married, that was four years ago. Wish us luck for long term, ok?

I second every single thing that Eve said above me. That was absolutely stunning to read. I thought I was the only one that felt that way. It 8767 s like you read my mind. I 8767 ve tried saying some of those very same thoughts to those closest to me, and they just cannot relate.

You 8767 ve known him for ages. You stare at him with dopey eyes as he narrates how he had so much beer last night. You think. More

As a Scorpio Woman, I am so attracted to Aquarius as you probably know LOL as a fixed water sign to a fixed air sign theres so much power in the two polar opposites..
Both very intelligent signs Scorpio loves the quirky, creative and intelligence of Aqua and Aqua loves the enigmatic, sexy dark mysterious intelligent nature of Scorpio.
Both signs bounce off of each other so well mentally, sexually and emotionaly when they can learn each other 8767 s emotional differences. With scorpio 8767 s intense nature Scorpio teaches Aqua how to become emotionally connected and Aqua teaches Scorpio how to become detached from their deep emotions.
Its such a magical mixture of creativity, genius and sorts I will always be captured by Aquarius. I am a great lover of Astrology.

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