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Date: 2018-03-09 18:38

8775 Auditors of PHIL. CHARITY FOUNDATION nforming u that ur sim no. had won Php955,555 7nd prize winner, 59,NCR/DTI #5988 PLS CALL ME NOW Im MRS. JESSICA L. SANCHEZ. 8776

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Like, even if it ends up a den of scammers they won 8767 t be taking money from ladies. It seems like the only thing that you want to happen on your site is that dudes pay to send messages to women. If so, you seem kinda confused about what kind of user is vulnerable here.

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Why the long sentence seemingly about nothing? I must know if you are a psychologist, therapist, teacher or just someone who can explain man 8767 s choices because you 8767 re able to observe the world around you? (By the way my bet is one the last one)!

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Funny blog! Anyhow, thought id mention that i was THINKING of signing up for EH when I read the legal disc, . terms./conditions. It said, and I shit you not, that while you must follow all their insane rules they state that:

Thanks for posting this you have restored some of my self esteem, but unfortunately I read it too late to not sign up. I was not sure how to feel after getting a single response (pun intended) out of over 55 requests. I actually have a date with the single response this weekend. Hope springs eternal.

What bothers me about feminism and feminist theory (as opposed to women 8767 s advocacy) is their insistence that they 8767 re purely about equality and that being a feminist is just synonymous with being a good person and believing that women are human beings, etc. It 8767 s obvious at a glance that that 8767 s not true and that the patriarchy narrative is (at best) simplistic and incomplete, and yet I 8767 m continually amazed by how many intelligent people of both genders appear to earnestly swallow these lines and to continue repeating the talking points.

I thought this is roughly how traditional matchmakers worked. Albeit there 8767 s an upfront fee, but the major payment comes at the wedding. Or at least that 8767 s what I vaguely remember from reading a long article in a magazine once.

i received a text message this day lang po talaga June 9, 7569 exactly at 67:97 PM from atty. Alex A. Chua of Villar Foundation daw. In his text message it said Ur sim# had won (php655,555) from villar foundation/during 8775 75 Years anniversary 8776 to claim ur prize plz. call me now i 8767 m Atty. Alex A. Chua. DTI#5987-S69.

Something isn 8767 t clear to me. What prevents my girlfriend from going to that website and saying that she is 8775 single 8776 so that suckers will talk to her and she gets paid. Hell, I don 8767 t even mind doing that for her.

Also, they have a FAQ in which they engage with the type of questions we 8767 ve been asking. Why, Mr. Gupta could just have quoted this to us and stopped all that impertinent querying!

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