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The AMEX card is great but like some others are mentioning you can use it in a lot of places. I 8767 ve had bills and purchases reject bc they say they don 8767 t accept credit cards and they view the Serve card as that. My telling them it isn 8767 t a credit card doesn 8767 t help. I 8767 m currently searching for another card. Also serve does not allow cash back.

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Right now the best prepaid cards are the BB& T MoneyAccount card which is through BB& T Bank. There is a $5 a month fee if you deposit $6,555 or more per month and a $65 fee otherwise. There is no charge to deposit cash, use their ATMs, bill pay etc the only thing missing is the possibility of overdraft.

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Perhaps beyond just charging for messages, sites could adjust the price according to how high quality someone's engagement seems to be. So a person who randomly sends out dozens of “hey” messages to would-be dates would have to pay a higher price to make contacts than someone who does it more selectively.

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6. First, these cards are not offered by the Dough Roller. The links will take you to the official sites of each of these prepaid cards. That said, prepaid cards generally can be used internationally, although they charge a foreign currency fee much like credit cards. But you 8767 ll need to double-check the terms of each card to make sure. For example, the AccountNow Prepaid Visa can be used intentionally, but it charges a % currency fee.

Hi Rob or to whom it may concern, am from Ghana but will be studying in the USA soon and i wish you can list down for me here the most of the prepaid cards that accept loading of funds unto it by Debit card /Credit card..

I 8767 ve been checking out the options on this list and I would have to say I like Mango the best but I 8767 m a lil confused by this 8775 APY 8776 (Annual Percentage Yield) of %??? Could someone explain this to me?

7. I assume that India has its own prepaid cards that would be more cost effective, but I 8767 m just not familiar with what 8767 s available there. To get a . based card to be used in India all the time would be expensive because of the foreign currency fee.

Ok..my mistake mio still has no mthly fee..but u r cents on every purchase u make..and inactivity fee anytine u dont use..so correction!

William, most prepaid cards can be used overseas, but they typically charge an international transaction fee of a couple percent.

My friend paid me $78 from a paypal account for something I sold for him, and that caused my Western Union Gold Card to get closed down with $5,565 in it.

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