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Saying I m not responsible for other people s emotions isn t about getting rid of personal responsibility or implying that I m faultless. I don t want to hurt other people. I don t like hurting other people or causing conflict and that s both a plus and a negative in my life. My mental health such as it is cannot survive taking personal responsibility for the emotions of others. That s what I meant by that.

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Oh gee, two celebrity examples *totally* overrides years and years of constant reinforcement that heavier is unattractive in women

How a flash of light can delete bad memories: Breakthrough

It looks like confidence is much more important to men if they want to be successful when it comes to dating, not so much for women it seems

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Taking your anger and rage out on someone else is bad. But I think compassion is a much better starting point than cognitive therapy or choosing consciously not to be bitter or angry. Acceptance of an emotional state is much better than fighting against it. Especially since you d technically be fighting against yourself.

Identitarianism… eschews nationalist chauvinism, as well as the meaningless, petty nationalism that is tolerated, even encouraged, by the current world system. That said, Identitarianism is itself not a universal value system, like Leftism, monotheism, and most contemporary versions of ‘conservatism.’ To the contrary, Identitarianism is fundamentally about difference , about culture as an expression of a certain people at a certain time…. Identitarianism acknowledges the incommensurable nature of different peoples and cultures—and thus looks forward to a world of true diversity and multiculturalism. 77

True. But here s the thing, he didn t keep hitting on her. We were all in theatre school together which means you are with each other A LOT. And in quite vulnerable intimate situations. And they were already friends so they just kept hanging out like before. He didn t push her, he didn t Nice Guy in the Friendzone her, he just was himself. And as she got to know him better she realised that, yes, he was an attractive guy. Their dating grew quite organically, I actually don t know how it happened because of that. I know he did ask her out specifically, but after that it just sort of happened. He never pressured her, he never made her feel guilty. You could tell he would have been okay if they had just been friends.

Except without actually checking whether skinny = unfuckable is true for every woman in the goddamn universe , your fact is a hypothesis at best.

While their maybe certain dating web sites were a small segment does link up and connect single people and they do get married. Get to know the other person and

8775 People using online dating have lots of information about people 8767 s interests, lifestyle, and beliefs, but are less sure whether they 8767 re going to end up sitting across a table from someone they find attractive. 8776

I m 6 9 and male and have some opinions on this. First let me say I m socially awkward so height alone isn t enough. I ve dated women from just under 5 to 6. I like it when a woman can look me in the eye in heels (life sized!), but it s really about the individual. Someone else said they don t know what their type is and I am the same, it just depends on her.

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