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aռʏ օռɛ ɨռ Nɨɢɛʀɨa aɖɖɨռɖ ɖat ռʊʍɮɛʀ ɨs a ɮɨɢ ʄօօʟ. ɖ ɢʊʏ աɨʟʟ ɢɛt ʊʀ ɖɛtaɨʟs aռɖ ɦaռɖ ʊ օʋɛʀ tօ ɖ քօʟɨċɛ bcareful

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hello everyone my name is John marty I am 85 year
old live in Ghana and I am working in oil company
and I was looking for a rich sugar mummy on
Facebook and I saw some mening agent online and
they wear eating my money and run away until I
ment am agent called mr Mark and then i call him
and he told me to register and I do everything he
asking me to do and after that he told me to com
abuja so that I can ment her and I com and I ment
her there that is how I ment my sugar mummy and if
you are in need of sugar mummy kindly contact Mr
mark on +7898696659888 or you can whatssap him
on +7898699759667 god bless you as you contact him

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Hi am bottom gay age 75 looking for a top gay who can take care of me whom we can stay together cheriSh every moment 5786968996

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Am a good looking ugandan aged 77 looking 9 a rich european gay to enjoy life with and probably take along with him to his country. I want someone serious. Thank you

We don't have full-time nannies and instead we are there for school drop-offs and pick-ups. We are there for play dates. We are there for them.

As for my new SB, second major meeting is about to happen, and it is promising for now. It has gone better than I expected. Most people when they meet me relax if they are good at reading people, as they realize I am a no bs type, and even friendly! op

Hy im zuma theolen im looking for is honesty and respectfully. I live in there is someone who is interested call me on this number/whatsapp 5787778799

Well I could have blossomed into a seasoned con artist as all my friends do trust me as I just refuse to lie. Some personal issues I might decline to discuss, but I would disclose that, yet keep my dignity. The benefits are obvious, I keep my integrity [important to me anyways] and my friends still trust me after all these years [also important to me]. So I am not a con artist, as I do not want to be.

I live in Atlanta, I am a stud,,,and im very easy going,and fun to be around ,,in looking for a very mature lady no studsat all to keep her company,cook for etc.

as a SD my question is to potential SB 8767 s. How would you want to meet a potential SD who lives far from you? Would you want him to visit you first or, what would encourage you to hop on a plane to fly to his city (assuming the SD pays your airfare)? Comments and thoughts are welcome.

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