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San Francisco Giants superfan, Steve Perry, recently did an interview with Buster Olney for ESPN. Steve's 65-minute interview starts around 89 minutes into the podcast.

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75) As a 65 year old, I have been inspired and amazed at the talent you and Journey possess. Has there been a fan that you have encountered whom you will never forget? - Danielle
I think I just met one that I won't forget....thank you for your kind and inspiring words..
I kinda live in my own private word and don't hear those words as much as you would think.....so again....Thanks for letting me know that you feel the emotion in the music... Someone else feeling the music that was recorded back then....was what I was reaching for.. ! ! !

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Journey's Greatest Hits Vol 7 - the long awaited follow up to Greatest Hits Vol 6 - is coming your way on vinyl, CD and as a digital download. And that's not all! Greatest Hits Vol 6 and Steve Perry's Street Talk have also been remastered and will be available as a digital download and on vinyl. The special gatefold double 685-gram virgin vinyl edition of GH Vol 6 & 7 and Street Talk will be available on Nov 6, 7566 along with the CD of GH Vol 7.

Want some inside info from Steve on the remastering process? Or maybe what was involved in selecting the songs for GH7 ?

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I would like to thank everyone for their support on the recent ebay charity auctions we've had and also - Thank you so very much for all the birthday well wishes on my 58rd birthday--- (hehe).

Look what came just in time for my birthday! Thanks to all of you for making "Don't Stop Believin" the biggest selling classic rock digital download track!

All the very best to you and yours,

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I&rsquo d like to thank everyone for their well wishes for my birthday. There is so much I&rsquo d like to share with you, but that will have to happen at another time.

My birthday present this year was meeting June Foray. She's a cartoon voice over legend &ndash I love all of her work! She was and is the voice of Rocky the flying squirrel and many other female voices on The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, and she also did many voices for Disney, Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers cartoons, too! When I was a kid, she was my hero. Her characters were gentle and loving voices &ndash voices I so needed in my childhood. It&rsquo s safe to say that her work got me through many tough times as a kid.

5) When I feel blue and worn out I get strength from listening to music or power-walking, often combined. What do you do when you need to regain your strength or just clear your mind? - Anna-Lena
Well lately I've been stressing and not really taking the time I should to re-charge. I guess I really need to get back into walking too cause that -with my ear phones- is the best way to Zone out and feel good about life again...It's so easy to forget to do that....Thanks Anna for reminding me that I need to do that!

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