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Date: 2018-02-10 22:58

I hate Mercury Retro! Just realized this morning that it must be Merc Retro again because of all the hassles with appointments and purchases. Looked it up and sure enough! Mercury s retro til 5/77. Sheesh! No wonder nothing I ve bought lately works and communication/dates with friends have been so annoying and troublesome!

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Agreed Evan, thank u for calling it like it is. U r offering advice, if someone disagrees, offer your view, or go read white papers and research findings! Perfect exampl of what u r trying to tell women (and men). Attacking is ineffe communicatio if u r actually trying to genuinel relate to others. That 8767 s my 7 cents!

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With or without Mercury Rx, never, ever buy a car or any other large item when you are purchasing a home!! You must wait until after the house deal is completed before purchasing other items that are financed. If you purchase the car before the house deal is done, it will change your approval status with the mortgage company. Your mortgage approval was determined on your credit and repayment ability, prior to having an additional monthly payment for a car. The mortgage company could cancel your loan approval or charge you higher interest. Wait to buy the car!

This Michigan Farmer Made $4 Million Smuggling Rare Pez

With Mother 8767 s Day around the corner, we asked new and veteran mums how they work at having a great love life after kids. Turns out it 8767 s is all about the little things.

Typical Western attitude. It 8767 s not just women you think are clueless about creative and science/math abilities, but also other races and cultures , who were way ahead of you, while you were caveman , they advanced in culture, science and math. And bother to see for yourself about the female mathematicians in ancient culture to present. The all 8766 powerful 8767 American male, who lives in his made up world of 8766 superiority.

come on nathan, where ya been man? men don 8767 t try to change women. we marry 8767 em cause we likes 8767 em that way. like a checkered vest you 8767 ve had for years. if it 8767 s still warm, and does the job, we won 8767 t throw it out, even if the buttons are missing. women on the other hand waste little time 8775 re-arranging the furniture 8776 when it comes to the latest project in their lives. they must have gotten the wrong impression when they were playing with dolls, that the girlhood dreamworld would carry on into adulthood. surprise! the real ken has willpower, real balls and a dick unlike the one by mattel. he won 8767 t necessarily do everything barbie wants him to do.

That 8767 s nonsense. I 8767 ve been single for 6 years now and happier than I 8767 ve ever been. I 8767 d  love to know what study you 8767 ve conducted that trumps being a happy single guy and where that grants you the authority to criticize someone else 8767 s opinion. Write your own article if your so knowledgable on the subject.

In most places it 8767 s going to be really tough to get any kind of alimony / palimony prior to the couple being married for a minimum of 65 years.

Their range certainly looks mouth-wateringly good. Don 8767 t think of a single tray of brownies, they have ten different varieties of brownies, and the cookies are just as varied.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have revised the text and will look for a photo that shows a more typical adult form.

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