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Growing up, I had the problem of having to deal with traditional-minded parents (I only have a Japanese name, for example {which was delightful in grade school, let me tell you}, while most of my Japanese Canadian classmates had English ones as well, and was engaged in many cultural activities in order to 8775 maintain my culture 8776 ), as well as the problem of having an introverted personality and extensive social awkwardness.

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Hey Anne,
thanks a lot for your feedback. The insights you shared are quite interesting. In my experience the values you list (respect, loyalty, humility) are exactly the qualities that men are so intersted in, especially because many women in the West lack those qualities. I also wish you good life.

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Sometimes this attitude can be quite annoying, because you never know when they are really pissed at you, but all in all the advantages prevail.

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Most of the cases I read involved non-white moms. It 8767 s kind of sad. I think there definitely is a preference over foreign brides, with white and Indian at the top and black and other Asian at the bottom. It 8767 s depressing and very racist.
The mother in question who couldn 8767 t get schoolwork for her children was Thai.

I am happy that you agree with what I wrote. I never said that Asian women are only Chinese women, but I have to thank you for your overview about certain Asian ethnics. Thai wins hands down? Maybe that 8767 s why I have a Thai girlfriend 😉

Hey Aum,
it 8767 s definitely rarer to find white guys with Thai girls but it gets more and more common. I 8767 m one of them

In general, the app seems to attract a lot of professionals. I find myself being smiled at by physicians, computer programmers, software engineers, and graphic designers. I get why this is THE app for Asian urban singles. Search in any major North American city (NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Vancouver) and you should be able to find a nice lineup of possible matches. You can also venture off the continent and browse in cities like London, Sydney, and Melbourne! (Confession: even though I’m looking for someone local, I definitely took a peek at some of the available Aussies because I’m a sucker for the accent. It’s OK to dream, right?)

Why do white men like Asian women? Well, one reason is that they are incredibly gorgeous and that men are instinctively attracted to beautiful women. However, the way God, Mother Nature or the holy Buddha made them is not the only reason why you and I can’t stop looking at them.

Like every community, it has good and bad points (ugh), but I confess, it 8767 s nice to be able to read the blogs of other couples who have gone through similar things (being a white female in a traditional Asian society, etc) and see different coping mechanisms in action.

I was a bit nervous when I went to his home in the countryside of Japan it was a but more difficult because all though I was 8775 American 8776 I didn 8767 t look white, or their stereotype of what an American should look like. However we were able to educate our families too. Even in my family, we explained that not all Asians are 8775 chinos 8776 and my hunny is not an emotional unavailable person either. In fact, when we met other Japanese people, they ask him where he is from because he doesn 8767 t seem Japanese You should see him dance salsa!

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