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Men's biggest fear about growing old? Forget impotence

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I love him though, he is every single one of these traits but everything always gets better but then again it never stays better

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Just know that if you stick around knowing he doesn 8767 t actually love you and doesn 8767 t actually respect you, then you deserve what you get from here šŸ™‚

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Understanding is the beginning of wisdom and knowing how to handle what you are dealing with. Don 8767 t look for perfection in yourself, give yourself credit and compassion for wherever you are here and in the future. Best to you, Ann

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I was destroyed by this thing that pretended to a man. Was the biggest con artist I 8767 ve ever met.
Empty shell.
(watch out because they will act like YOU are the psychopath & tell their story to others as if it 8767 s you but it 8767 s them that is NUTS). BE CAREFUL of these EVIL SOULS.

You get your self-esteem back, one step at a time.
Get a support group Co-Dependents anonymous will help you realize a lot of things. Having a support group will help you to stay sane and grounded.

Facts now, many IT MNCs prefer to recruiting Girls over guys, because they dont switch frequently , don 8767 t expect much raises , mainly resigns after 8-9 years once after getting married/child birth. So this means for company a lot. All MNCs are looking for cheap labour and hard workers , who will be predominantly freshers/ less experienced of 6-8 years. And they brought in a policy such that , to replace 6 years experienced with 7 freshers. So that they can save more , extract more work.

Here comes the tricky part. After 8 years seperated from my divorce I fell in love with a girl who lives in India. We started talking and after sharing my past (at a much later time since I was afraid of the stigma) we decided to marry. The parents though were understanding they are having to deal with the social acceptance and very much afraid of our union.

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However, my boyfriend seems to find faults in so many of my actions or words that I sometimes feel that I can do nothing right. And with our discussions it 8767 s always the same story: he gets offended by some stupid little thing, I say I 8767 m sorry if I offended him and try to explain that I absolutely didn 8767 t mean to. Then he starts telling me off about 8775 the way I acted 8776 as if I was a kindergarten child. And at some point I have to admit I lose my temper and start reacting, trying to make him see that it feels unfair for me. Then he will very logically bring me to the conclusion that everything is my fault and I find myself in the situation that I don 8767 t understand any more what is wrong and what is right.

I wish I had known all this years ago. i devoted almost 55 years to loving this man. from age 68 to 67. we were married for 68 months right out of high school, divorced for 67 years (both remarried with children) when we remarried.

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