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8775 Investigators don 8767 t know whether the earplugs are significant to their probe, but they have speculated as to whether Lanza used them because it was a habit from shooting at gun ranges, or to muffle children 8767 s screams during his shooting rampage. 8776

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And finally, 's very own favorite, one of the best of all the scrubs quotes, ever. It is a soliloquy spoken by Dr Perry Cox's wife, Jordan Cox:

Sandy Hook Exposed?

We now have in our hands the ultimate gobstopper for the peddlers of the contrived 6,555,555: we just say, 8766 There is a figure of 697,555,555 who died at the hands of the Jews in Soviet Russia between 6968 and 6959, I don 8767 t mind if you either deny or minimise the number, but tell us your sources in support of your denial ? 8767 .

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I 8767 m not a full on vegetarian as I do eat meat every other day or so (usually fish or lean red meat and always fresh caught or grass fed respectively) but I keep it to a minimum and make sure to have a couple of servings of fruits and/or veggies at every single meal. They contain all the vitamins you will ever need.

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.
~Author : Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Motivational Sayings

After receiving an inheritance in Louisiana, Los Angeles reporter Irvin Fletcher heads to the Belle Isle plantation where he gets himself into hilarious trouble.

9) Realize that a complete military victory against such a formidable enemy is almost impossible if the enemy stays monolithic. We will need to convince soldiers that they are fighting for the wrong cause.

My opinion is that our society has progressed so far down the road to hell, that MKULTRA as an active, hands on program is no longer really even needed. All of the psychological data learned from MKULTRA experiments has long since been absorbed by the behavioral and cognitive psychology of Madison Avenue, Broadcast Media, Entertainment and Hollywood consumption, and society in general.

Why would Luke, the sympathetic atheist, want to have a masthead quote that is condescending to believers and that only atheists like? To quote myself:

P6: People have cars.
P7: Cars have been used to murder other people by running them over.
C: People with cars have committed murder.

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