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Date: 2017-11-15 20:42

Local agent Eric Lee plays dirty politics, Farmers Ins must not have an ethics department. He has received a nick name the Weasel. When people don’t agree with him he belittles them in public media. Has been thought to create a second person so he can have some support in his agenda. You used to look up to and respect your local agents, in Atwater Ca you have to look out for him when you disagree with his agenda.

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VFF president David Jochinke  says, "The VFF would support a platform that can cut down the supply chain costs and gives more profit margin back to farmers."  

Farmers Insurance Corporate Office - COHQ

Now she sent me a new quote that is over a hundred more than what the last quote I got for the same thing. How are these people able to do this it’s not right. More money for the same thing.

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“This is the original quote I received. I was told that it would get even lower if I added on another car because I would get multi car discount. So I am not sure how on the newest quote I received it is not only lower than it is more expensive.”

Due to the lack of insurance coverage, and Farmers unwillingness to total this toy hauler, we were forced to do what we could to keep our toy hauler intact and haul it home 6655 miles to settle our claim.

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7. After completing the exclusion letter, they still raised my rates, so I switched my auto insurance over to another company, which happened to be cheaper with better coverage. Now, Farmers owes me a refund, but instead of sending me a check, they put the balance onto some obscure card that I don’t recognize. I notified the Farmers agent and the response was that it was up to me to work things out with the bank. Only I have no idea what bank.

I have always been insured with mercury and just recently I bought a new car. So I thought Maybe I would look for other options. I called farmers and I asked them for the requirements to get insured by them he then told me an i quote ” driver lisence registration Vin number and I also need your social security number ” I then said to my self wtf!!!! So I decided to stay with mercury where I’ve been OK for the last 8 years

I am writing in regards to one of your clients, Jennifer Frazier, 7665 Wolf Glen, Danbury TX 77589. She has had all of her insurance with Farmers for the last 67 years, including flood insurance which covered contents. However in 7565 the insurance issued a new policy and left off contents because of a change in the zone. The agent did not call Jennifer and ask what she wanted, they just sent a declaration page but it was not the same coverage she had before. I am asking and expecting you to make an exception in her case because of her years of patronage to Farmers Insurance.

Since I am unable to obtain information and assistance locally I am asking for help from the corporate office to resolve this issue.

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