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Blah Blah Blah, what aload of BULL!! have you honeslty read the total and utter crocksap you are writing to a 69 year old, 8776 I REBUKE YOU SATAN, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST 8776 , we 8767 re not in a movie or reading one of your fantasy book. I know its hard for you bible bashers to understand where the book ends and the reality starts! GO ASK JEBUS FOR A REALITY CHECK!

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How to deal with people who say you shouldn 8767 t deal with the separation: I get this one a lot, not in those words necessarily. I get the 8775 I could never deal with that. 8776 or 8775 How can you deal with that if you aren 8767 t even married yet 8776 . Those suck, I 8767 m not going to lie, but its easy to explain to people that you do what you have to do if you love that person!

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Challenges in dating a soldier: Obviously not always being together. People seem to always bring that up and no, its not fun but that 8767 s part of the army! Before he leaves he 8767 s probably going to be really anxious, mine was, but just remind him that it will go by fast once he 8767 s gone.

Dating an Army Soldier Stories (Part Two)

This happen few years ago when I and my cousin were 75 yrs old and her hot mom was 86. Hard to believe she got pregnant with my cousin while in highschool. My uncle almost got in trouble since she was a minor but for some reason their marriage worked out. Diane's parents were rich and my grandpa as well. She is a very beautiful blonde woman with super gorgeous body. If she didn't get pregnant and marry she would have been a super model. Even at 86 she is always mistaken as her son's girl friend when they go together. Her tits were perfect not huge or small just proportionate to her very firm body and soft skin. She is tall at 5'8 and has a very strong sex appeal. My cousin is Jake and her mom Diane.

But no matter how lonely I was or how much I was hurting, I knew that I had to deal with it. Because I knew that he was the only man that could make my heart beat nothing but joy. As long as I knew that I had his heart and love I could let Uncle Sam borrow the rest of him. It not a easy thing to do but if you know that your heart desires to be next to no one 8767 s heart but your solider then its more than worth the wait.

my wife at the time. was gone for the day my son was out hanging. cats in the front room, my bedroom door closed. and for a while I thought it might of been teff my male cat that jumped off the window pane onto the bed. and jolted me up. laying on my stmoic as I sleep. I felt, on ether side of my ankles two slaps, at the same time. with force.. I jumped up. looked around to thow a pillow at teff. he wasint there. I looked at the door. it was closed and I got out the bed.

Faith is something you must have. If it 8767 s hard you just pretend that they 8767 re right there because in essence they are. They fight for the freedom that you are enjoying at the point of your greatest despair. So for that you should be immensely proud of your beloved, I know I am.

Things that I have learned and figured out so far about being an Army Girlfriend:
~Trust him trust him that when he says he loves you and only you believe that he means he goes out with his buddies don 8767 t think about how all these girls maybe throwing themselves at him or hitting on him, trust him to know that if that happens he will walk away or call you or say that he is taken and not interested because he is thinking the same thing when you go out with your friends

Anyways, during this time we 8767 ve spent apart, bootcamp and now her ait station, I realized how important keeping promises and my word in general really is.

I experience this a lot. It is a very scary feeling and I have learned how to control this feeling. I can make myself come out of this just seconds after it comes on. Although most encounters seem like a dark shadow I have also seen good spirits during this. I wish I could communicate but you are so scared you cant communicate with them. I focus on the smallest part of my body which is the easiest to move. I put all my energy into moving my pinky and as soon as that happens its a chain reaction to the rest of my fingers and then up my arm and I snap right out of it. If you are experiencing this I ask you to try that next time it happens it might not work the first time but once your mind is trained it becomes easier everytime.

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