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Date: 2018-02-11 18:36

I love your post Jessica. Lately I have turned to astrology to find out more about myself. Can you suggest a good website/book/whatever to learn how to do my chart? I have no idea how to begin and I want to learn more.
Also, I just got rid of a potential 8775 lover 8776 because of feeling pushed aside, so reading your post was hilarious to me. Poor guy has no clue what he did, what can you do. He is a Gemini anyway and from what I have read it wouldn 8767 t be a good match. Too bad, he had potential. LOL!

“The Scorpio Woman” | Jessica Smith

I am a Scorpio Man who is in love with a Cancer Woman. We met 7 years ago for the first time when she used to be in marriage, so we split 7 years later. Recently, I found her again and I found myself more than before in love with her again. She is always very nice to me, but I'm very afraid anyone else may come between us in the future and make her split from me again! I love her more than anyone else in my life and I experience passion, love and sex more exciting than anyone before in my life. She is the only person who I can give her my true love and passion and can tell her I LOVE YOU BABY!

Aries man and Scorpio woman compatibility horoscope

I haven 8767 t knowingly met a Scorpio woman for ages,
but if/when I do I will always remember the above
Thanks Jessica!

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I second every single thing that Eve said above me. That was absolutely stunning to read. I thought I was the only one that felt that way. It 8767 s like you read my mind. I 8767 ve tried saying some of those very same thoughts to those closest to me, and they just cannot relate.

Scorpio woman is very emotional, very affectionate, and very demanding. She is not interested in a light flirtation or a bed for the night. Neither does she believe in sharing. Any man who thinks it isn 8767 t necessary to sign a treaty just because he 8767 s having an affair would do well to avoid getting involved with a Scorpio female. She believes in treaties with irrevocable clauses and lots of fine print spelling out just what you can 8767 t do.

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One is transported to the realm of the gods and goddesses contemplating what sex must be like between these two. There is the capability of merging body, soul, and spirit, which uplifts both parties and makes two far better than one. There is an aspect of expansion and 8775 travel 8776 involved in their sexuality. Each one is able to go farther in experiencing the higerh realms through the alchemical merging of their consciousnesses so that sex becomes a mysterious initiation into a sacred rite de passage. Everything that they do together sexually is highly symbolic of resurrection and regeneration.

I'm a Cancer girl used to date a Scorpio guy, we had such a great connection and he was my best friend. It wasn't just ab out the sex because we'd spent hours just talking and laughing. I know in my heart that he is my soulmate but we're no longer together, we started fighting because of his drinking problem. I miss him so much it's driving me crazy.

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Don't ever play with Scorpio's heart. Game playing is off limits when it comes to love. Before you give your heart and soul to this lover, make sure you're really serious about him. Love is intense and serious business to Scorpio. If you're just out for fun and games, pass over this one because his wrath will be just as passionate as his lovemaking.

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