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Facebook Customer Service 1-888-719-0172 Number | how do i

Date: 2017-11-15 22:23

Maybe someone can help.. after three calls to Amazons so called Customer Service number I am p& ( (ed off. My account is locked, they can tell me nothing about a 7555 dollar order that I need by thursday and they tell me someone from billing will contact me in 8 to 5 days !!! Great useless totally useless - anyone have a number for the billing dept ?

The Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

Trying to get in touch with FPL to let them know that payment has been mailed.
A bank draft was sent yesterday, but, impossible to talk to someone to let them know as my account is past due and want to avoid disconnection.

Verizon customer service number: 1-800-837-4...

We were given a tag on our front door several months ago, telling us that we had to trim our trees because of growth into power lines. Though, we have no trees that grow that high, and our surrounding neighbors do. I called FPL and told them, they mistakenly tagged the wrong house, and they need to have that resolved with our neighbors. To my estimation, that may have never happened and the trees continued to grow, and cause this frightening episode yesterday.

Contact FPL Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

STILL relevant. I had a perfectly simple question to ask Amazon (which of two addresses to use) before I finalized my order. I ended up spending a ridiculously long time looking on the website - in vain - for a number to call, before resorting to google - and thankfully, your website.


And WHY are they still hiding the phone number? Kinda seems like bad faith on their part, no?

My family and I want to say thank you for the amazing and efficient job you did during Hurricane Irma. We saw trucks and workers go into action in our community immediately. After three days without power, it is back šŸ™‚. We never knew how much we appreciated our power and FPL. Thanks to the hard-working men and women who got Florida back on the grid!

I find this company to be a tad unprofessional and a hassle. There is no information I can get about my own bill outside of the internet. Customer service is hardly a service because it focuses only on the fact of the company receiving money from the client, nothing more.

there are two persons in our condo that are disabled and need elevator service but power has not been restored at Cortez, FL

9. In order for one to actually make aforementioned over-the-phone or online payment one is redirected to western union speed pay. This to me, is unbelievable. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We live in the 8766 Digital Age 8767 and these neanderthals are incapable of accepting Visa debit/credit cards AND they don 8767 t even have their own digital billing.

HORRENDOUS! Called the appropriate 8775 Customer Service 8776 #. Supplied ALL the requested data (automated), finally spoke with a rep. that I could not understand. This rep. referred me to yet another 8775 CS 8776 855#. I called and was advised that this was the wrong #. Was given another 855#. This rep. advised that we would called back. So far, nada. So far 8775 Customer Service 8776 has been a colossal waste of time.

Hello I signed up for ebill vs paper billing. One of the rewards for doing that was a $55 gift card from . When will I receive it? My FPL account number is 9858678559.

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