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In rural and regional areas it is usually safest to eat the locally grown types of food as these are usually bought each day from the market. It is not uncommon, that after you have ordered your meal a child of the family will be seen running out the back towards the nearest market to purchase the items.


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If you are injured, don't expect that local people are willing to help for even calling an ambulance because it is not free. Make sure you tell local clearly that you will pay the ambulance fee. Hospitals will also not accept your admission unless you prove that you can pay the bill.

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Do be careful when drinking locally prepared coffee as the locals tend to drink it incredibly strong with about 9 teaspoons of sugar per cup. There is also the Cà phê đá which is the same black coffee without the milk.

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By far the largest holiday of the year is Tết , celebration of the New Year (as marked by the lunar calendar), which takes place between late January and March on the Western calendar and usually coincides with the Chinese New Year.

Hanoi now has some hostels for families called Hanoi Family Hostels. Rooms here are large and with more beds for children.

You can apply for a visa for Vietnam in a bewildering variety of places for a varying amount of money and different response times. If eligible, travelers should try to obtain the e-visa instead, which is generally cheaper and faster to obtain. Below is a catalogue of various experiences at various times.

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