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Date: 2018-03-09 12:05

The Annie character never reacts to any of this, it rolls right off of her as if its not happening (it 8767 s just 8775 comedy 8776 after all), and laughs and smiles a lot in the film, but in real life a woman subjected to this constant belittling would end up a nervous wreck, with her sense of self worth and sanity and possibly career destroyed.

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Long ago, I perceived that, in his subtlety, at core, Allen shows just what pathetic, dysfunctional, myopic, self-obsessed, perpetually psychoanalyzed, sex-obsessed, all-around basket case the American Jew is.

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Over 755 prominent European and US citizens to be arrested within weeks as a result of a multinational investigation into financial corruption
By Benjamin Fulford

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Please ASK those tens-of-thousands of OTHER readers TO ASSIST THE TWO OF YOU to find any reference at all to this 8766 6,555 year reign 8767 therein.

Universal logo is IS an earth like GLOBE and has been for 99 years! Universal was and is 655% run by creatures like Laemmie - Bronfman - Meyer - Snyderis - and Zucker. Sound Jewish to you? Sounds JEWSIH TO ME! Even Universal logo theme 8766 fanfare music 8767 was composed by Jerry 8766 the Jew 8767 Goldsmith.

Now regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God 8767 s past and PRESENTLY GOING ON 8766 MARTYRDOM 8767 vis-a-vis all of HER Son 8767 s Apostles you 8767 ve cited to me put togeher

Mary was only born just over 7 thousands years ago. Was she there when God (Father, Jesus the Son, Holy Spirit) created the universe? Did Moses pray to Mary or to God when God opened the Red Sea?

OK, but which group of women will put up with a nice guy because he 8767 s smart? You got it, Jewish women. Besides, the Jewish men are off chasing Chinese women.

For your information, I was a member on the BNP website, and had donated, like Nate will tell you I do here, before their website crashed, like 8 months back. My moniker was the only one that had US in it.

The single largest Jewish denomination in the US disagrees with you (Reform Judaism) and excepts children with either Jewish parent. Very clearly, in the Torah, Judaism was passed through the father, not the mother. Of course, there is no Pope of Judaism and thus there is no unified 8775 Jewish law. 8776 Jewish law has changed through history, and changes as we speak. Different Jewish communities, and different Jewish leaders, continue to interpret it in different ways. The laws of grammar, however, are clear, and you are correct that goyim is plural.

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