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The very long history of trading along the Danube is evident from remains of Greek and Roman settlements (including a lighthouse). Villages surrounding the Delta show a Turkish influence.

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Sure there is risk, but why should that be part of it?   Really.  In real life, barring excessively camouflaging clothing, a person’s body shape can be instantly ascertained.  If a person has to ask, that means it can’t be determined from the supplied information (photographs).

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Many fish do not swim in schools but depend on camouflage, swimming ability, or the tendency to seek refuge in crevices to avoid predation. Anemone fish can live among the stinging tentacles of sea anemones. Those fish are immune to the stinging cells, so they are protected from predators.

The Food Timeline: history notes--fish & shellfish

The form, size, and number of fins varies considerably according to an individual species' habitat and requirements. In fast-swimming species, such as the tuna or mackerel, the dorsal and anal fins have thin, sharp shapes that reduce friction. In puffer or porcupine fish, by contrast, the fins are greatly reduced x7569 for use in short paddling movements. Other species, such as eels, have lost almost all traces of external fins and swim instead by rhythmic movements of their muscular bodies.

If you fallow this advice your wasting your time being on one of these sites. The thing that sticks most in my mind as being very bad advice is the point about never contact first?

You work for one of those sites don t you? Your getting paid to keep the girls single and on the site right? lol

Better idea girls. Search. Read profiles and contact guys who you find interesting. answer every guy that contacts. And send him a text. Every girl wants to be chased. But this isn t real life. You only have the one chance and you can t tell who he is if you don t talk.

Besides most of these sites charge guys to for ever mail he sends to you so I don t think many guys are playing numbers games with there real money lol.


I logged into the site today and found him online. I didn t message. But I am a little confused on this dating etiquette. Should I never initiate any contact in the beginning?

Reproduction in fish usually involves laying eggs that are externally fertilized, though a few give birth to live Eggs may be dispersed into the water column, laid in nests hollowed out in the bottom sediments, incubated in the mouth of the adult, or attached to rocks or plants in a gelatinous mass. There may be no parental care, or one or both parents may provide close attention during incubation, hatching, and even the first few weeks of life.

Essentially every one of these women should last about a week on the Internet market. Yet many remain.  Frustrated by the “lack of quality men”.

I’m sorry that you seem to think that you understand women so well. Let me be the one to give you the memo: You do not.

Accommodations options range from hotels to floating hotels, B& Bs and private homes in the following locations: Chilia Veche, Crisan, Dunavatu de Jos, Gura Portitei, Isaceea, Mahmudia, Maliuc, Murighiol, Mila 78, Samova,
Sf. Gheorghe, Sulina, Tulcea, Turcoaia, Uzlina

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