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What doctors wished their patients knew - Consumer Reports

Date: 2018-03-12 18:38

Not a pleasant experience for anyone but, as the book’s author, Dr Maurice Pappworth , pointed out, the subjects were all seriously ill, suffering from cancer, anaemia and various forms of lung disease. The roll call of those responsible for initiating or carrying out these experiments (and he mentions 675 by name) included most of the most eminent physicians of the time. They were scandalised. 

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Doctors hail ibrutinib drug that can 'turn off cancer

Compliance doesn't necessarily mean following your doctor's instructions slavishly, said Ronald Epstein, ., director of the Center for Communication and Disparities Research at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. Some patients don't follow treatment programs because they're disorganized, he said, but others might fail to comply because they've experienced serious side effects, don't fully understand what they're supposed to do, or found the treatment wasn't working. Doctors need to make it safe for patients to bring those things up, he said.

Doctors call for charges for overseas patients using A&E units

Dr Taj Hassan, President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine said any introduction of A& E charges must not involve casualty staff, or attempts to secure payment while urgent care was being sought.

The poll also found that more than a third of those backing charges wanted to see them for A& E visits as a result of alcohol abuse.

Despite the ubiquitousness of storytelling in medicine, research on its effects in the clinical setting has remained relatively thin. While important, a vast majority of studies have been anecdotal , offering up neither data nor statistics but rather you guessed it stories to back up the authors&rsquo claims.

But genuine cases do exist, and throughout the history of medicine, physicians have recorded cases of spontaneous remission. Such cases involve not just cancer but conditions like aortic aneurysm , a deadly ballooning of the heart’s major artery Peyronie’s disease, a deformity of the penis and childhood cataracts. These cases cause doctors to scratch their heads in wonder at what brought them about. But most of the attention on spontaneous recovery continues to focus on cancer, which takes the lives of over half a million people in the United States alone each year.

Instead of starting by entering the name of your condition in a search-engine box, try going directly to a few reliable sites. The site you're on now, reviews impartial evidence and takes no advertising (but some of its content is available only to paying subscribers). Government sites are also a good place to start. Try these:

Health Minister Lord O'Shaughnessy said: The NHS is a cherished national institution that is paid for by British taxpayers and as this survey shows, there is clinical support for recovering costs from those who are not eligible for free treatment.

And 79 per cent wanted to see charges when attendances were linked to drug problems, the poll by website and technology agency M8 Group found.

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