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First) I have this data from this study and should write a post about it for ROK. But smashing it down into the size of an ROK article is tough. The data is from a study 8775 Female Preferences of Male Traits Across the Ovulatory Cycle 8776 . You have seen this stuff referenced but I got the raw data, the numbers.

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Compare this to someone who at the age of 76 wrote a book about his own experience and how good of an idea it was was for him to “kiss dating goodbye” and who was homeschooled with only a GED (no college degree). This sort of comparison should give one an idea of who has the more experienced background as well as who one should listen to.

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Sluts have bad genes and produce white equivalents of groid children. It doesn 8767 t matter if dad is alpha. Look at Justin Trudeau. Sluts HAVE BAD GENES.

The three big elephants in the Christian dating and

Pride is a sin when it gets in the way of accomplishing. When you 8767 re homeless and hungry, yet too proud to accept help, then pride is a sin. If you bathe and groom yourself you are taking PRIDE in your appearance! The first example is pride being a sin, the second example is pride being a benefit. To sin is to miss the mark. Think before typing.

Explain to me why Thatch 8767 s behavior is not that of a wolf in sheep 8767 s clothing? In other words, why do you imply that his conduct is in any way christian?

I have heard the claims of homeschoolers and how they do compared to regular schoolers. I have also heard otherwise from some school teachers about some homeschoolers when they attend regular school both about their academic level and social skills. I am sure there are some homeschoolers that are in each category and those in between.

But what utterly baffles me is the confidence and pride that these men have about their chaste status they brandish their virginity like a sword. They show off their inability to get laid as another guy would his six-figure salary or bulging biceps. Virginity is a virtue in a girl, and they 8767 re foolish enough to assume the male analogue works exactly the same way in the eyes of the opposite sex.

8775 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil that put darkness for light, and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. 8776 Isaiah 5:75

While our research shows that more Christian singles have found matches and marriage on eharmony than any of the other sites, that doesn 8767 t mean it 8767 s impossible to find marriage on a site like Christian Mingle. In fact, we personally know people who have. Here 8767 s one of their stories:

She spread her legs & let this PAGAN move his HEATHEN hard penis deep into her 8775 innocent 8776 Christian pussy, which had never had a penis thrust into it.

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