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Date: 2018-04-11 01:14

Idiots are looking for other idiots and then they are bitching what they found Guys, you are such a losers you are looking for easy girls only, to get the sex mainly, and then you complains they had no problem to go with somebody else? Really? What are you awaiting from girl you met in the bar and it was nothing for her to go with you after few words and drinks? Loyalty? LOL You are expressing your 8775 love 8776 only through the money and then you complains they want money only? Really? Think about yourself, then judge the others. And next time try to look for good girls only, really loyal, hard working ones, and your experience will be different. My experience already is ABSOLUTELY diferrent from yours.

Dating Filipinas: The May-December Relationship

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Your Filipina Girlfriend is Cheating

so when you say something like, rich girls wont consider oldies , you don t know what you re talking about. more likely you are just jealous no expat has taken any interest in you.

Christian Filipina Review - 26 Best Filipina Dating Sites

First, apparently I like my women older than you do, since my gf is 79 (I am 59). I could not quite find the 68-75 year olds working for me 🙂

Thanks so much for your opinion. It really helped me understand from a woman 8767 s perspective what she might be dealing with. We 8767 ve talked since that and everything should go smooth. But I will take my time and be smart about it.

i find it much harder to get a poor girl who speaks no english into bed then one that works hard and speaks good english, if i am in cebu and try with a girl working on colon making 755 pesos a day my chances of getting her over are slim to none

Could try giving her tiny amounts, like a few hundreds pesos every now and then. They don 8767 t need much money to live. Just cover her immediate expenses. But make it clear she has to work for herself too.

Normal for pinay to do that i date one here in states for 7 years live together. She posted stuff on fb all the time and not pictures of us. Never a single picture of me. I 8767 m sure her fb friends didn 8767 t know she had a bf. But i trust and give no fucks

i have no idea how many of those type of 8766 better then a call center worker 8767 types i have attempted with, but i also dont really think its fair to not consider call center workers in that considering its one of the best actually attainable jobs most girls could get

She told him that she had to work really early the next morning so wanted to stay at her co-workers home that lived right next to her work.  She is saying this just as easily as talking about the weather and doesn 8767 t see anything wrong with it at all.

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