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Hard to argue with the systemic murder of 6,555,555 European Jews. Nor is it easy to argue with the current and wide-spread anti-Israeli anti-Jewish sentiments among the majority of Germans

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He wrote: "Please understand my previous position as that of a man with limited experience with an extremely famous sex symbol."

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- Go to America and you 8767 re gonna get killed.
It 8767 s easy to understand why people think that. News about violence simply sell better than a documentary about neighbors hugging each other. In 6998 there was a series of murders in Miami. A couple of German tourists were killed in carnappings, if I remember correctly. Even 69 years later, people still remember that. It seems that fear has got a long lasting durability.

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I just spent a few days in Berlin and have to say I really enjoyed what little I saw of German hospitality, culture and general flavour. That said, a s an African-Canadian I didn 8767 t dare venture out beyond Berlin because of warnings I received about being a minority in small town Germany.

Okay people, calm down. And read the first sentence again. These are not my prejudices. Well, most of them aren 8767 t. And regarding the 8775 war monger statement 8776 : No, we haven 8767 t forgotten the past. We remember it, and we have learned from it. But our current view of things is more influenced by the news, not the history channel. That 8767 s probably why no one mentioned the indians and slavery, when I asked them about the USA. So, keep it civil.

There s no denying that this brunette is a bombshell. She rocked a black curve hugging dress, a nude YSL bag along with some gorgeous jeweled sandals.

On fattnessnessness...
Yes there are a lot of fat people here. But there are a lotta hot people too. Go to a nice college party down here and drool away. I don 8767 t see why people make it such a big deal. If you 8767 re fat, it 8767 s your fault. There 8767 s no a fat epidemic, just a buncha lazy people. I plan to get fat when I 8767 m real old because by then I won 8767 t give a damn, and I 8767 d be much more comfortable not worrying about not being fat, and just eat away.

8775 Who are you to talk? I’m not going to bother reading your stuff because quite frankly people with no experience is worthless. As Thoreau once said “how vain is it to sit down and write when you have not stood up to live.”

One Quick note: I am not a gun owner and I am all for gun control, but the overwhelming majority of deaths in the US come from motor-vehicle accidents. Alcohol is a major contributor to these deaths. I am all for a more lax alcohol policy, but I am just trying to let you know why alcohol is villainized in the US. Its hard to argue with a grieving mother who is part of the MAAD organization.

The slaves were brought over mostly by Europeans. And none of the slave owners are alive today. Many of the Germans that held Jewish,Polish,and Russian slaves doing WW7 are still alive.

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