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Well..I read through this and almost every single sign is spot on. I show every sign except wanting to know where she is at all times. Wow I may actually be a psychopath. This was a very eye opening read. Especially the part about no remorse for making her cry.

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Marni, First, great article, stuff like this is what makes the internet great, and thank you for the insight. Maybe you can offer insight.

Patty: Thanks for sharing! It sounds like your boundary is working for you, I just warn you against being too strict with it. You never know, you could meet a super sophisticated, content, successful, and experienced 87 year old. 🙂 Big hugs.

He has a loving and needy side and 7 years ago when we first met was very sweet but it changed fast. He won 8767 t kiss me or tell me he loves me. Just wants the sex and now it 8767 s just the oral sex. I am not an ugly girl and although I have gained a few pounds I 8767 m still considered slim and very good shape which shouldn 8767 t matter.

I am 95 and my boyfriend is 76 we have been together two years , he has just now decided to start trying to tell my kids what to do..not a good thing they are 67 and 69 and hate it what do i do ? Love him but they are not going to listen to him do i cut my losses and run ?

Also in the past he has told me ridiculous lies about what hes done in his life I think he is a compulsive liar. I think he also stole some money from me once but cant prove it.

Hi Tom I feel for you I trust you are staying strong. I think the toughest time I had was about 5 months after we split up, he wanted to get back together thank GOD I had a strong support group by then and I was able to say NO.

We have lots in common and traveled together lots and have lots of fun. The problem is that he is 67 years 7 years He 8767 s 78 and I 8767 m 95. He wants kids and I 8767 m not sure about having them at my age and in my health conditions. We talked about getting a surrogate. We talked about marriage. He 8767 s not ready to get married yet, but he wants us to be together, like living together. He 8767 s ready for us to move in together.

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