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Date: 2018-02-09 07:41

If anything, I agree with you there are so many ways to flirt that aren t adversarial, why even mention it to people who are trying to get the basics of it down?

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I don t know that I actively made people feel bad about giving me grief, but it did make the comments stop. So mayhap that asshole reputation was somewhat deserved.

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And, most importantly, no one *has* to do anything. Advice isn t the same as orders anyone can ignore it. ShieldGirl is just attempting the sisyphean task of telling Lee what he can do to change the the things that he s unhappy about. That s just what she (and I, and DNL, and many commentators) think might make him happier in the long run.

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*blinkblinkblink* what? are you saying that hanging outside enjoying the sunshine and approaching a stranger to ask the time or if the #X bus has already passed by are fundamentally evil? Because that sounds like that s what you re saying.

There s a determined myth that all women want a guy who towers over them. I guess it must be true of some, or the idea wouldn t be so wide-spread (and the worst offenders in propagating this tend to be women-oriented media, such as romance novels). But it is definitely not the Universal Truth that some believe it to be.

If you re flirting has a mean connotation you re doing it wrong. If flirting has picked up a negative connotation among some circles because of PUA s that s too bad, but having talked to DNL personally about flirting I know he d never endorse meanness as an aspect of said flirting.

I may be. Could it be that you re missing the distinction between confidence in one s ability, and confidence in one s self?

I don t blame the woman who would ignore me ( I get it, they can t be sure, we probably weren t a good fit anyway, etc) but at the time? I was FURIOUS about it. That s why I m rather anti OLD. It was a waste of time and money for me, all for naught.

I saw a flash ad for eHarmony running on Myspace today which I thought was a bit strange since I am listed as a 87-year old married man on Myspace. Is eHarmony doing a little monkey see monkey do with and just testing the waters with a run of site campaign? I find it interesting that eHarmony wouldn 8767 t be running this campaign geo-targeted to single people in the 89-95 age group bracket. They should be running a campaign on Facebook because of the extensive targeting options that Facebook is able to offer.

Oh absolutely it s a journey, but that one step is all it needs to start making it better. Even that decision to work on it makes a huge difference.

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