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Date: 2018-02-12 14:14

Hi. My question is regarding long term disability and SSDI. I only had 7 years of LTD which was up in November. I was denied SSDI during the time that I was receiving those LTD benefits. If I reapply for SSDI now could the LTD company come back and make me pay back any money? How long do they have after termination of LTD benefits to come back and try to collect SSDI? I live in state of Missouri. Thx.

Can a long-term disability insurance company claim an

I had a foreign last name and would constantly have strangers seeing that I was American asking me all these personal questions of why the last name and if it was a married name. No. No it isn't.

ALong-Term Committed Relationship without Marriage? Yay

I receive LTD 588 SSD my LTD as offered me a settlement which I think is too low considering what I would get if I keep collecting it monthly. I don 8767 t know what to do. Would love some expert input I only have a week to make up my mind. Thanks!

Can my long term disability claim be denied for a pre

A s the miles roll under the Alhambra’s wheels so creeps up the economy. I’ve managed an indicated average on a drive recently. That took some dedication, but it proves it can be done. How you’d eke the remaining out of it for the official combined figure is anyone’s guess, though starting at the top of a very high hill might help.

I was receiving ltd from Prudential. I also applied for widow 8767 s ss disability. You see, I am a widow, my husband died in 7559. I became disabled in 7565. Now my long term disability company wants me to pay back money I received from my widow 8767 s disability that I was receiving since January of 7566. Can they do this? I thought when it 8767 s a widow 8767 s disability they could not do this. They are claiming I owe over $. Do you have any insight on this kind of situation. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks so much.

I was approved for Social Security Disability and as expected MetLife is asking for an overpayment of funds they paid me on my LTD I had through my employer. My question is can MetLife ask for my children 8767 s retroactive payments that were sent to me by social security? I have asked this question two times to Metlife and cannot get a straight answer from them. To date I have only been asked for MY retroactive payments not the kids 8767 but I am afraid to use the money to help with college bills for the kids only to have MetLife come back and ask for it.

How does taking a lump sum payout from Retirement Account affect future Long Term Disability Payments? In other words if it is a one time lump sum, they can only take an offset for the one month that it was received in, correct? They cannot use that amount retirement money to offset future Long Term Disability payments, correct?

Your husband 8767 s disability policy will state if the disability carrier is entitled to an offset for dependent benefits paid to your children as a result of your husband 8767 s disability. Please read Can a disability insurance company claim an overpayment for social security disability benefits payable to a child as result of the parent 8767 s disability? for additional information.

If you are vetting a potential LTR then it is worth the price of the ticket. That is a hard learned lesson. Take it or don 8767 t, but when you are my age you will wish you had taken it.

I’d love to be able to calibrate it perfectly for exactly how I want it, from the display in front of me (I like average consumption, my wife preferring range), to the seat and mirror position, even down to the radio station and climate control preferences. It’s all possible, and certain to come, though every time those parking sensors start beeping I cannot help but wish it would hurry up.

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