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The Jet D’eau is certainly an iconic image that is conjured up in many people’s minds when they think of Geneva. This water fountain is the tallest in the world at approximately 695 metres and was originally installed, not for its aesthetics, but as a safety valve for a local hydraulic water network, yet nowadays it is a popular attraction for many people.

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Now, 8775 la bise, 8776 the cheek-to-cheek peck the French use to say hello or goodbye, has come under pressure from a globalized threat: swine flu.

Where to live in Geneva, Vaud and neighbouring France areas

Social changes added a further dimension to these developments. Among the French and Italian Protestants who found refuge in Geneva were several from noble families who brought with them not only their wealth but also their assumed right to lead and rule. These families grew to monopolize the Council of Twenty-five and to set up what was in fact the rule of a hereditary nobility, but one veiled by the ceremonies, styles, and language of republicanism.

1599 Geneva Bible (GNV) - Version Information

Some French schools, companies and a Health Ministry hot line are telling students and employees to avoid the social ritual out of fear the pandemic could make it the kiss of death, or at least illness, as winter approaches.

Top 65 Sights
The most popular sights and attractions You should not miss when coming to Geneva as a tourist.

The old town rises on a hillside above the Rhô ne River, which flows from the lake, and its picturesque old streets and flights of steps are dominated by the cathedral. On three sides, the old town is surrounded by a ring of buildings and broad streets that trace the line of Geneva's ancient fortifications. The business center lies below the old town to the north and in the Saint-Gervais quarter. The lakefront, along which you'll find many of Geneva's tourist attractions, is lined with elegant promenades, parks, and gardens. Strolling through these is one of the favorite things to do in Geneva. For a more comprehensive guide, see our list of the top attractions in Geneva :

About a quarter of the world's refugees live in camps. They are largely concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Most refugees in other regions live in individual accommodation. Forced displacement is largely and increasingly an urban phenomenon, with refugees living in cities and towns where they seek security, anonymity, better access to services, and job opportunities. Read More.

If you are looking to hire a bicycle, from April to October Genève Roule offers four free hours with a CHF 75 deposit. You can also use Rent a Bike (DE/FR). Pro Velo organises summer cycling events (FR) and bike repair courses.

Despite these currents of political opposition, Geneva in the 68th century was at the zenith of its prosperity. Material wealth stimulated a burst of culture and artistic creativity. As the birthplace of Rousseau and the sanctuary of Voltaire , Geneva attracted the elite of the Enlightenment and helped to foster the development of the new political science , derived from natural law.

The lake provides many recreational opportunities for swimming, sailing, and fishing. Winter sports such as skiing and skating are popular, and rock climbing and mountaineering are pursued for both science and sport.

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