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Date: 2018-03-13 12:06

Here is a typical and real conversation with one of this scamers. Many are in Ghana o Nigeria, and they say they are from Europe, buying art in Africa. They should prosecute this people, they want the money send thrue western union, can´`t they catch them there?

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Yes, the double standards are so obvious. They are more than happy to date, have children interracially, but oh no, it 8767 s terrible if nonwhite men do the same with white women!

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I just read some of the post on the Candle for Love forum in the original post. Ugh, it 8767 s like white men have created a formula to systematically bring Chinese and other East Asian women over to their country. No wonder the Chinese are suffering a woman and wife shortage, this isn 8767 t just love at first sight (which is organic, chaotic in pattern) this is artificial and organised. I am surprised, what with the worrying demographics over there, that the Chinese government isn 8767 t doing anything about it.

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It ridiculous, I have tagged all the fake profiles and if they are not removed timely I will report your lack of concern for the safely and wellbeing of your members

This means, if and when you begin dating or the day comes that you marry your Nigerian girlfriend, just make sure you are sincere, giving her the love, respect, and admiration she deserves.

As I was leaving this place, another girl came to an interview with a friend of her, maybe they had that feeling that it was a weird thing to have an interview on a saturday as I did. I left that place feeling really bad, I have been a foreigner living in another country, never scammed or betrayed by locals, always respected.. then I remembered the bad image my country still have and these scammers, unfortunately are contributing to increase this stereotype And then, I thought and still think about all the men that believe in this kind of stuff and just hope that something or someone good come to their, or if you are one of those, reading this, to your life, but this dating sites, are not the answer.

Of course I meant my experience in China. I found that people o Asias descent born outside of Asia don 8767 t have the same issues. I saw these guys dating white, black and Asian girls so I 8767 m not counting them in this.

Just avoid the islands that are known for terrorist kidnappings (you would be stupid to go there anyway) and you are fine.

s 8767 ok. You 8767 re making up for it now.
When I was in HS the pretty boys got more ass than a toilet seat. I, being a goon, took a little longer to come into my own.

who said Asians in America do not realize this issue. We are turning the tables now! come and chat with us.

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